Local piano tuner for Chichester, Portsmouth, Hampshire and West Sussex


John Hollingsworth is a local piano tuner for Chichester, Portsmouth, Hampshire and West Sussex. He is passionate about  piano tuning. A good tuner needs to have a good understanding of the physics of sound and acoustics but also be able to bring out the best from each note, to leave the instrument perfect and playing beautifully. Within the tuning service, all minor repairs are included.  Extra travel costs would be incurred if travelling out further than Chichester, Singleton or Portsmouth areas. If Pitch Raising is required, then an extra £15 will be added. Please visit the FAQ page for more details. If there are more repairs needed, a quote will be provided accordingly.

Pianos tuned for £65

John tunes the following pianos:
Pre1900s, modern pianos, Eavestaff mini pianos, grand pianos and baby grand pianos. Every piano has its own story. Years of neglect can take a toll, yet there is no piano which cannot be retuned, unless the strings are too rusty and breakable if pitch raising is needed.

piano tuner emsworth, chichester, portsmouth

“It takes between 1hr 15 minutes to 1hr 30 mins to tune a piano unless there are particularly tricky pins or keys to adjust. I aim to do minor repairs as I tune. This includes fixing sticky keys or hammers. If I notice there are more repairs, then I would quote accordingly.”

Areas Covered

Although the majority of customers are based within this area, other areas have included Petersfield, Liphook, Hayling Island and Rowlands Castle.

About John Hollingsworth

John was trained for five years by Marcus Roberts, the owner of Roberts Pianos in Portsmouth in 1993. He  learned all the tips and techniques of the trade to cover every requirement. Also what makes a good  piano play well. After training, he embarked as a self employed piano tuner for five years. During this period John built up a client base locally. His other career step was developing website design. To view a portfolio of web  and design work, please visit Ebb and Flow Creative Ltd.

Mary Poppins movie quote:

George Banks:
Have this piano repaired. When I sit down to an instrument, I like to have it in tune.

Mrs. Banks:
But George, you don’t play.

George Banks:
Madam, that is entirely beside the point!